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Beijing EFR Laser S&T Co., Ltd.

Add.: No.101, Building 22, No.6 Hengye Seven Street, Yongle Industrial Development Zone, Tongzhou District, Beijing
Zip Code: 101105
Contact person: Mr. Zhang
24-hour service hotline: 0086-15901348506


Laser consumables
CO2 laser tube
CO2 laser optics
total reflector
laser focus lens

CO2 Laser Power Supply

CO2 Laser Power Supply, PS-N

Characterized by a high efficiency, frequency, and speed, the PS-N series CO2 Laser power supply is a matched power supply for CO2 Laser devices.

CO2 Laser Power Supply, PS -100/150A

Input Voltage: AC90-264V AC Frequency: 47--63Hz Max. Input Power: 950W Max. Input Current: 9A

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