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Technical Support

1. Please use soft water as the cooling liquid, though distilled water and purified water are also applicable. The water temperature should be controlled within a 12-30℃ range. If the water temperature is above that, please replace the cooling liquid, or switch off the water cooler.
If in a cold region, please drain the cooling water from the CO2 Laser tube after use, otherwise the cooling water may freeze and break the glass tube. (Special note: When using an alternating current, please make sure the water tank has a safe ground connection.)

2. Connecting wires should be well insulated, please use an exhauster to protect the window from being polluted.

3. The high voltage terminal should be clean and dry, as well as kept away from metal to avoid electrical discharge. Please routinely check and ensure the high voltage connecting device is fixed and the interior is intact.


4. Please use the laser equipment replacement parts in strict compliance with the rated power and current listed in the instructions. Long-term over-current operation will shorten the service life of the laser tubes. Please be smart when using the laser device, and save laser energy. The optimum power is less than 80% of the rated power.

5. Before starting the laser processing equipment, please be sure to turn on the water cooler. A water cooler with a coolant is recommended, while water pumps and water coolers without coolants are not recommended.

6. When testing the laser power of the industrial laser tube, please use Coherent branded power meters, instead of Synrad, as the latter is better suited for metal tubes.

7. The gas temperature has a significant impact on the output power of this laser cutting machine spare part. If the gas temperature rises, the output power will decrease. When the gas temperature reaches a certain critical value, the output power will decrease further, down to zero. If this happens, the force of the voltage may break the glass tube, causing property loss.
Due to this, a water cooler is needed for effective cooling of the gas temperature, which allows the laser tube to discharge properly and have an efficient photoelectric conversion.
Before switching the water cooler on, please adjust the water outlet to fully fill the cooling pipe and ensure there are no bubbles inside.

8. During the commissioning, in order to achieve the optimal power output, please adjust the supporting point or the direction of the CO2 Laser tube.

9. Please locate the two supporting points at two % positions of the tube length, and ensure the flow rate of the cooling water is 2-4L/minute. Otherwise, the beam mode will be affected, and the output power will decrease. Please also make sure that the cooling water is sufficient to fully fill the laser tube.

10. For effective heat dissipation, keep the laser tube clear and avoid lime scale formation. Lime scale can be cleaned using 20% diluted hydrochloric acid.

11. This laser engraving machine accessory is fragile. Do not put extra stress on it.

12. Routinely check the water pressure and ensure the laser tube works properly under the protection of cooling water.

13. Please correctly use the matched laser power supply.

14. If the CO2 Laser tube does not match the laser processing equipment, please modify the equipment so it will accommodate the laser tube. For example: if the laser tube is longer, you can bore holes on both ends of the machine to place the laser tube in. If the laser tube has a larger diameter, you can replace the tube holder with one in a larger diameter.

15. Generally, you can adjust the current and retain the voltage during installation and commissioning.

16. In addition to the performance of sealed laser tubes, the reflective mirror on the laser equipment and the precision of the light path will also influence the laser processing effect.

17. If the laser processing equipment does not work properly, please check the power supply and voltage transformer.

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