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frequently asked questions

Q: How come the laser processing equipment is not working properly or effectively after starting?
A:Please check the following items: that the supporting point of the CO2 Laser tube is appropriate, the light intensity is proper and the light path is straight. Also ensure the focal length is correct, the flow rate of cooling water is normal, and finally, ensure the window of the laser tube is clean and intact. If theses still lead to no answer, the laser tube may have a quality problem.

Q: Why does the laser processing equipment work properly at first, but gradually becomes more ineffective later?
A:Please examine and ensure the supporting joint of the sealed laser tube is in its proper place. Also make sure that the water temperature is at 30℃, the laser lens has an effective heat dissipation, and the flow rate of the cooling water is regular. The cooling water should also be clean. If the above items are working properly, then inspect the laser tube for a quality problem.

Q: Why does the high voltage terminal have an electrical discharge?
A:Please keep the high voltage terminal clean, dry and away from metal. Also ensure the connecting device is fixed in a stable manner and the interior is intact. In hot and humid weather, high voltage protection is needed to ensure normal operations of the laser equipment.

Q: How come the CO2 Laser tube breaks or cracks, and the water cooled head falls off?
A:Please check and confirm the following:
1. The water temperature is controlled in a range from 25-30℃. In cold regions, the cooling water should be drained from the laser tube after use.
2. The carbon dioxide laser tube works properly under the protection of the cooling water.
3. The water pipe is in good condition.
4. The water pressure and flow rate are normal.
5. There are no bubbles inside the laser tube
6. The water flow is in the correct direction.

Q: Why does the laser processing equipment work ineffectively and have a low power?
A:First, check the beam mode of the CO2 Laser tube by placing masking tape at the first total reflector of the window. If the beam mode is not correct, please contact us. If the beam mode is in proper working condition, please check that the reflection and focus lenses are clean.

Q: When the laser tube is glowing, how come the discharge tube has a pale blue or pale purple light?
A:Determine if the total reflector and the focus lenses have no problems. If not, the light may be a result of gas leakage.

Q: Why does the inner layer of the glass laser tube break and cause a leak under the premise of standard installation and usage, as set forth by the instruction manual?
A:Ensure the window is clean and intact. If the laser optics have no problems, please contact us and provide the model number and date of production on the laser tube, as well as a video record related to the problem.

Q: How do I carry out high voltage protection?
A:Please refer to the instructions and pictures below.

1. For ZN and ZX series CO2 Laser tubes
(1). ZN/ ZX series CO2 Laser tube with no high voltage protection
(2). Install high voltage cable
(3). Prepare the high voltage insulating tape
(4). Use the high voltage insulating tape to tightly wrap the protection cover and the glass tube together
(5). ZN/ ZX series laser tube for medical and industrial use is completed with high voltage protection
2. For F series CO2 Laser tubes
1). F series CO2 Laser tube with no high voltage protection
(2). Wind the filament of the high voltage cable on the needle electrode
(3). Prepare the soldering iron and solder wire, and stick the wound needle electrode to the solder joint.
(4). Keep the high voltage cable and the solder wire away from the glass laser tube. (As the soldering iron has a high temperature, please do not keep it in touch with the needle electrode for a long time in order to avoid breaking the glass tube.)
(5). Prepare a heat gun and heat-shrinkable bushings with the diameter of 5mm,6 mm, 8mm,10mm and 12mm
(6). Cut the heat-shrinkable bushing into short and long pieces and use the heat gun to shrink them at the needle electrode.
(7). F series laser tube for laser cutting machine and laser engraving machine is completed with high voltage protection.

The above questions and answers are suggestions for references. If other problems arise, please contact us as soon as possible. Remember to provide us with relevant video records, and we will determine causes and solutions to the problems, according to the conditions, and offer better services and technical support.

If you would like to return the CO2 Laser tube back to us for complete repair, please confirm the window is clean and intact, and then attach the information about the model number and date of production.

Please note the quality assurance does not apply to problems that arise during usage that does not follow what is stated in the instruction book.

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