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Beijing EFR Laser S&T Co., Ltd.

Add.: No.101, Building 22, No.6 Hengye Seven Street, Yongle Industrial Development Zone, Tongzhou District, Beijing
Zip Code: 101105
Contact person: Mr. Zhang
24-hour service hotline: 0086-15901348506


Glass laser tube
laser equipment replacement parts
laser consumables
CO2 laser device
CO2 laser optics

Quality Guarantee

1. For the After Sales Service of Products, please refer to the following step:

Customers need to provide feedback and relevant photos and videos if problems have arisen during their use of the CO2 laser tube and related products.

The problem information will be conveyed to our technicians within 24 business hours, and they will then work quickly to determine the cause of the problem.

Customers will be informed of problem causes, and a solution, within 48 hours.

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